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Zhang Shifang, director of municipal bureau of information, visit Guangbo
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On the morning of February 25, Zhang Shifang, party secretary and director of Ningbo bureau of economy and information technology, came to visit Guangbo Group, accompanied by Wang Liping, party secretary and chairman of the board of directors of the group company, and  Shu Yueping, deputy party secretary and chief executive officer of the group company.

Zhang Shifang and his party visited the exhibition hall on the first floor and the 10th floor successively, and had an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of Guangbo’s development history, current layout and future planning. After seeing the numerous innovative elements of Guangbo in the traditional stationery industry, Zhang Shifang spoke highly of it and asked about market response, design process and audience degree in detail. He said that the spirit of being adventurous and untraditional has made Guangbo with the present results. This spirit is worth learning from for other enterprises.

In the following symposium, Wang Liping introduced the key layout and industrial planning of Guangbo in detail to Zhang Shifang and his party in recent years. He said that in recent years, in the face of the complex internal and external environment, Guangbo actively transform development ideas, with high-quality development as the guidance, explore the new road of transformation and upgrading. At the same time of holding manufacturing, it also actively explored new areas. It has achieved good results in new materials, fashionable stationery, electricity and other fields. For the next step, it will continue to make greater efforts to explore the development to realize the advanced in industry as a whole.

Regarding Guangbo's achievements at the present stage and future plans, Zhang Shifang expressed his affirmation and approval. He pointed out that Guangbo's current achievements are achieved through continuous exploration and practice. He said, at present, the state encourages and supports the development of private economy. He hoped Guangbo will accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, extensive intensify reform engines, increase the intensity of reform, strengthen the deep exploration of innovation. Continue to push forward the innovation process, push forward industrial diversification, increase the pace of transformation and upgrading, and strive to create more value for the society.

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